Evergreen Content.  What is it?  How do you create it? And why is it so important for content marketing?

While other trees shed their leaves after a few months, the evergreen stays lush and lovely all year.  Like its namesake, evergreen content remains “fresh” and relevant to readers over the long haul.  In contrast, time-sensitive content may create an immediate buzz but its life span is short.  Very quickly, posts based on events or issues of the day become dated and lose relevance.

Your business website almost certainly has some evergreen content, like your About Us page, which seldom requires changes.  But for effective content marketing, you need more than a few paragraphs on a website.  You need SEO-friendly evergreen content across multiple platforms, including your website and your blog posts.  (Yes. Your company should have a blog).  This content doesn’t have an expiry date and maintains value over time.


evergreen contentCommon types of evergreen content include:

  • How-To Instructions and Guides
  • Product Reviews
  • Video Tutorials
  • Personal Stories
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Historical Articles
  • And more…

By comparison, time-sensitive content include topics related to holidays, seasons, events, or hot-button trends.  And content that includes statistics and research elements that quickly become outdated.


evergreen content

Content marketers love well-designed, SEO-friendly evergreen content for many reasons:

  • It helps you rank in search engines, like Google;
  • It is more shareable and can attract natural, organic links; and
  • It attracts and engages a continual flow of new readers without ongoing effort on your part.

Keep in mind that although it is low maintenance, even evergreen content needs to be reviewed and re-read occasionally.  You need to make sure the information is still accurate and relevant, and links are working properly.

Creating both evergreen and time-sensitive content should be part of your long-term digital marketing strategy.   To learn more about digital marketing strategies and  how to develop one for your brand, read Digital Marketing Success in 5 Easy Steps.


evergreen content

When it comes to evergreen versus time-sensitive content, it is not an Either-Or situation.  An effective digital marketing strategy should include both types of content.   There are strong benefits associated with evergreen content.  That said, time-sensitive pieces also have a role to play in attracting and engaging your audience.

For example, SEO content about upcoming events or seminars, new products, or the latest industry-trends, may have a shorter shelf life, but can still drive significant traffic to your site.


evergreen content

Some subjects are always appealing and lend themselves well to evergreen content.  These include areas like:

  • Personal relationships,
  • Personal growth,
  • Professional development,
  • Money and finances, and
  • Jobs and careers.

Like everything else you put online, evergreen content should be relevant to your business.  For example, a florist might post articles related to plant care. And a digital marketing company (like mine) might develop content about fascinating topics – like creating evergreen content!

As a digital marketing professional, I can attest to the fact that content development, in general, is hard work.  Creating evergreen content can be especially challenging.  The most popular topics have been covered, to excess.  It is highly unlikely that you are going to create a piece of content that is truly unique!

That said, the key is to try to find a unique perspective or go more in-depth on a popular topic.  And if your company is lucky enough to have found a niche market, there may be less content out there about your topic.  This will make your evergreen content especially valuable!  To learn more about niche markets, read How to Find Your Business Niche and Profit From It. 


evergreen content

To really shine at content marketing, you need all of your content to be SEO-friendly.  Because evergreen content has such a long life span, maximizing its SEO can have significant benefits in terms of generating leads, increasing sales, and enhancing the reputation of your brand.

There are many strategies for SEO:

Do Keyword Research BEFORE creating content:

Even content that stays “fresh” forever has no value if no one is searching for information about that topic. Articles should be based around keywords that you would like your website to rank on, so do your keyword research FIRST. I get help from the Google Adwords Keyword Finder. 

Use Keywords Strategically

DO NOT over-use keywords!  Keyword stuffing angers the Google Gods and can have a negative impact on SEO.  Instead, use keywords strategically.  In particular, make sure your keyword or keyword phrase appears in:

  • Your article heading
  • The page title
  • The url
  • The content (but not too often!) A good rule of thumb is 1-2% of your text.
  • The meta-description

And don’t forget to use keywords in the alt-text for images.

Use Links Purposefully

If you created other content pieces on the same topic, or on a related topic, link to them.  This will improve your ranking in Google and offer your reader access to more information.

Don’t be afraid to link out to external resources as well.  There is analytic data to support the idea that search engines like great sites that link out to other great sites.  And linking out incentivizes links in.

To learn more about incorporating SEO into your writing, check out Writing SEO Content: 21 Hacks to Boost Your Business Blog


evergreen content

As I keep saying, creating a truly great piece of SEO-friendly, evergreen content can be hard work.  You should do everything possible to maximize the impact of your efforts.  Look for ways to re-purpose your original piece into other formats.  For example, you could take the key points from a blog post and turn them into a video, an infographic, AND a SlideShare presentation.

There are lots of great tools that can help you re-purpose content.  To learn about the ones I use most often, read 6 Free Blogging Tools You Will Absolutely Love.


Evergreen content is incredibly valuable in the world of content marketing.  SEO-friendly evergreen content has the potential to bring traffic to your site for many months, or even years into the future. The best content marketing strategy relies on a mix of both topical, time-sensitive articles and long-lasting evergreen pieces.

Article written by Kim Scaravelli, CEO, Trust Communications Inc.  


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