promote your business online

When you think of how to promote your business online, your mind naturally goes to social media. Social Media is THE THING.  I get it.  It feels like everybody is on Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn.  And Instagram, and Pinterest, and all the other cool social media sites.  And you don’t want to be left […]

Building your brand online is as important as the more traditional things you must do to grow your business…

social media strategy

The size of your following is meaningless if they are not engaged…

beat writer's block

Sometimes the words just won’t come together. Don’t panic. There are ways to beat writer’s block…

evergreen content

What is evergreen content? How do you create it? And why is it so important for content marketing?

blogging tools

I am always looking for ways to improve the writing process and generate the best content. These tools definitely help!

Writing SEO content is about more than writing well. It is about writing smart.